Ifield Community College Choir

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Adjudication: National Festival 2010 - Reading and Birmingham

General Remarks


This is school music at its best - Congratulations!

Amazing! Well trained and very well delivered

You watch your conductor fabulously well and clearly enjoy performing

Great singing and great drumming

Nice to see so many boys singing



An instantly captivating sound - voices used so well and producing a rich and easy sound

From the very first note I was totally transformed - some incredible singing

Fine ensemble and a lovely musical shaping to your phrase

This was most exciting

The drums added terrific depth to the overall sound


Il est Bel et Bon (Passereau)

Outstanding - great use of djembe pulse/click -

Strong rhythms and energetic clear accents were a feature of this performance

Beautiful warm singing in unison and parts


She has No Time

The lower and upper phrases were both well blended and then the full choir sang with passion, commitment and a naturally musical feel for this lovely song

Mature bass voices and second entry excellent

Ensemble so good

Dynamic contrast excellent


Human behaviour

Vocal percussion always effective -and the richness of the voices enjoying the syncopated rhythms was always attractive and enjoyable

An ambitious song - worked well


Calling My Children Home

Warm and blended from the start and well balanced - plaintive and poignant



Excellent start - rhythmic and stylish - you really captured the essence here. Well done!