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We will basing the day around the LACRIMOSA from Mozart's Requiem.

As well as using the original music by Mozart we will be combining it with

  • Chagossian drumming

  • A song from Diego Garcia

  • Parts of Lacrimosa by Evanescence


  • The outcome of the day will be broadcast on Radio 3 in January


MOZART Project 4th December 2010

Video Background



Diego Garcian Song in Stealing a Nation

Vocal Parts in MIDI

Text of Lacrimosa

Lacrimosa dies illa,

qua resurget ex favilla

judicandus homo reus.

Huic ergo parce, Deus,

pie Jesu Domine,

dona eis requiem. Amen.

That day of tears and mourning,

when from the ashes shall arise,

all humanity to be judged.

Spare us by your mercy, Lord,

gentle Lord Jesus,

grant them eternal rest. Amen

Outline of the Day


BBC Singers - Rebecca Lodge, Liz Poole, Ed Grint, Sam Boden


Garth McArthur - Learning Manager -

Amanda Boyle - (producing the feature)


1000 - Warm up for all - led by Rebecca Lodge


1030 - Demo by each group of what they do - ie BBC Singers perform a piece (Rebecca - can you decide), Ifield Choir and the Diego Garcian Drummers


This will act as an icebreaker for the day.


1045 - 1200 - Masterclass of Singing Mozart - led by Rebecca Lodge and BBC Singers - this will involve working on Mozart rep and looking at the sectionals - are there break out spaces for this - it is hoped that the drummers will be involved in this to as singers - Patrick - can you confirm? We will bring a few examples of other Mozart pieces and use these as part of this so we are not fed up of the Lachrymose - most probably:


Ave Verum Corpus

Introiit and Kyrie from Requiem

Motet - God is our Refuge



1200 - 1300- Lunch -


1400 - 1530 We then could work in sectionals on the Mozart lachrymose with the choir - a BBC Singer taking each section - whilst the drummers begin to work on their accompaniment with Patrick



1530 - Recording of the new piece!


1600 - End of day


Useful Links

Nous sommes un peuple déraciné,

Nous venons de là-bas, de l'autre côté,

De l'Archipel des Chagos.

Nous sommes un peuple déraciné,

Vivant dans la plus grande pauvreté,

Nous n'avons pas d'identité,

Nous sommes un peuple déraciné

Our New Piece