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Calling My Children Home: Feedback July/August 2010

Responses to “Calling My Children Home”


By encounter at Birmingham Museum after performance (July 5th):


“One of the most beautiful sounds I have ever heard......in 64 years”


By email in August


Celia Whittaker (co-ordinator, UK Chagos Support Group) wrote:


“I have just listened to the children singing,  whilst looking at the photographs and I was deeply moved. It is so beautiful. I am very, very impressed at both the talent of the youngsters and the hard work you have obviously put in yourself.....I had an e-mail today from Cassam Uteem, former president of Mauritius, thanking me for the Update and saying how touched he was by the choir singing.”


Celia then distributed the video to all members of the UK Chagos Support Group and wrote to members:


“The young choir sing extremely well, the pictures are poignant and the teacher must be both brilliant and inspirational. If you do nothing else this month, please click on the link and share it with others.”


Responses to posting on Facebook:


Helen McDonald (former Head of Dance at ICC) wrote:


“Just listened to that beautiful piece you posted. Oh my goodness just amazing and so beautiful. I could listen to that over and over.”


Pipa Dakin (head of Music, St Andrew's School, Worthing) wrote:

    “So beautiful. ICC are sounding fantastic. I'm a tad jealous...!”


Kathryn Penny ( Crawley teacher) wrote:


 “Beautiful,sad, poignant,moving,you are a genius! Everyone should watch this.”


 Ben Flude of UK FPI tweeted:


 “Listen to this profound video........”