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Crawley Youth  Awards 2011

ICC Mauritian Crew/Chagossian Drummers won the Music Award at Crawley Youth Awards on Wednesday 2nd November at the Hawth Theatre. Read why below...


Crawley Youth Awards November 2011

ICC Chagossian Drummers/ICCMaurtian Crew are a group of drummers from the Chagossian/Mauritian Community, who have worked hard over the last two years to develop their skills to a world-class standard. All attend Ifield Community College and are closely connected to the Ifield community College Choir, of which many are members.



Their achievements are as follows:


• They have played and sung music from their community to a wide audience, raising understanding and appreciation of the community – and helping the integration of the community into the town. They have performed for many local charities, and at many community and official civic events.


• They have performed all over the UK, including London, Manchester, Birmingham – bringing the attention of the country to Crawley and its diverse communities.


• Through their collaborations with Ifield Community College Choir, they have integrated their drumming into a wide range of musical genres- - including the music of Mozart! This was a collaboration with the ICC Choir and the BBC Singers which led to a performance in Chichester Cathedral with the West Sussex Youth Orchestra.


• They have been featured on BBC Radio 3 as an outstanding example of cultural fusion and integration. They also were the subject of a feature in The Times, called “Crawley’s Link to a lost Culture”


• They have recorded at Maida Vale studios with the BBC Singers and ICC Choir. They have performed at the Royal College of Music and at the Royal Geographical Society.


• They have performed at the most important world conference, to date, concerning the future of the Chagos islands


• They have represented the UK on BBC Radio for the Let the People’s Sing Choral Festival.


• In short they have done an astonishing amount for Crawley, its cultural life, and to spread the name of Crawley across the nation with music of the highest quality.



fun drummers at the awards

"The addition of the young Chagossian drummers has given this talented  group a unique sound"

Chichester Observer